adidas Women's Soccer: THIS IS A WOMEN'S CLEAT

I wrote the script for THIS IS A WOMEN'S CLEAT, and concepted the visual treatment. And somehow, I convinced everyone to let me light a bunch of cleats on fire. The advertisement was picked up by Ad Age in a front page feature story. 

Women’s sports are not taken seriously, and the equipment reflects that. Typically, women’s soccer cleats are smaller versions of men’s cleats in different color ways.There are nearly 4 million registered youth soccer players in the US, and roughly 50% of them are female. We knew there was a market that needed to be empowered. 

With a historic product story, we wanted to call out the practice of “shrink it and pink it” and commend adidas by using badass athletes who were ready to wear shoes made for them. This campaign recognizes that female soccer players have been underserved and deserve their own cleats.  Our goal was to spark young female players to imagine their future with cleats worthy of their individual style and potential.

My favorite part of the campaign was seeing comments from girls who were genuinely excited to see the first ever cleat built for women: 

  • “Love that you are doing this. Not much out there that is tailored to women.” [link]

  • “FINALLY a commercial with women’s soccer players!” [link]

  • “Ok @BeckySaurbrunn is literally a badass [fire emojis] “we don’t flop like them” [hands up emojis]” [link]

  • “That’s cool. It’s great that you’re making boots for women. Love the ad featuring Becky Sauerbrunn, what a player.” [link]

  • “THIS… is a great commercial” [link]