GOOGLE'S MADE WITH CODE: Change is Made with Code

I wrote the script for the "Change is Made with Code" film that launched at the Global Citizen's Festival, as well as the :30 and :15 spot. My team and I also concepted social content to promote the coding project and the mentor film on Made with Code channels. Change is Made with Code received a Shorty Social Good Award.

The mission of Google's Made with Code is to get more girls into computer science by showing them that the things they love are made with code. 

After researching teen girls, we found that they care more about philanthropic efforts than any other generation. What if we could show girls they could create a better world by learning code?

We found 4 female coders making positive changes in the world with code to inspire girls to create a better future using computer science. The campaign culminated at the 5th Annual Global Citizen Festival (GCF), where we debuted the inspiring film, and announced a new coding challenge with UN Women. Coded visuals created by teen girls through appeared on stage during Ellie Goulding’s performance. GCF drew 3M live viewers and drove a 1,000% surge in searches for “Made with Code,” informing millions of girls that code is an accessible means for action. 

Get a full overview & see the success of the campaign below: